About Me

I’m Brandon Zipp, and this is my website. I plan to use this website to share some of my projects, experiences, and opinions on things. Who I am:
Husband, father, and scientist. I have an amazing family and we love getting out to enjoy the hiking, biking, mountains, and ocean that Northern California has to offer.
The Zipp'sThings that shape me:

  • A stellar wife that stands by me and is my partner on this epic journey.
  • Two awesome kids that always make me smile.
  • An energetic black Lab that is always ready to run with me.
  • Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Davis.
  • Design and art background prior to science.
  • I have completed a marathon, ultramarathon, and an Ironman.
  • Bike racing, mostly cyclocross.
  • Freediving for abalone and spearfishing.
  • Eagle Scout and lifelong volunteer.
  • Woodwork and metalwork from welding to fabrication.
  • CAD part design and 3D printing.
  • Programming and electrical component design (Java, Python, HTML, Arduino).
  • Homebrewing beer and cider.
  • Backpacking, camping, and generally addicted to fresh air.
  • Entrepreneurship and constantly learning new info and topic areas.

Links to my online presence:
Our pharma startup